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03. Production of Safe and environment-friendly Livestock Products
  • Agenda 17 aims to establish the foundation for the production and consumption of eco-friendly and safe livestock products, at the G7 level. It focuses on the industrialization of processing, utilization, and distribution technologies for high-value and safe animal products, on the development of practical technologies for feed cost reduction and climate change adaptation, and on the composition of business-friendly environments for sustainable livestock farming practices by introducing advanced environment management technologies.
 Production of Safe and environment-friendly Livestock Products
  • Also, Agenda 17 aims to develop technologies for regulating animal metabolism and improving feed quality as well as to advance environment management technologies for valuable resources from animal manure, odor emission, and animal welfare.
  • Agenda 17 includes following three Programs to achieve its purpose. Program 60 is designed to develop production technologies for safe and high-value safe livestock products. Program 61aims to develop technologies for regulating animal metabolism and improving feed quality while Program 62 intends to develop advanced environment management technologies for the livestock farming.

The main contents of researches in each Program are as below:
Program 60
Includes major studies on the establishment of standards for livestock distribution, the development of safe and high-value livestock products, and novel animal-food materials.
Program 61
Includes development of technologies to regulate animal metabolism and improve feed quality through revision of the Korean feeding standard, development of techniques for evaluating feed nutrients, improving feed safety, and reducing feed cost by recycling agri-byproducts, and exploitation of high value-added animal feed and techniques for reducing methane emission from rumen fermentation.
Program 62
Is focused toward developing techniques to recover valuable resources from animal manure and manage odor emission from animals. To this end, the program will develop related facilities to advance general animal management system including designing animal housing facilities reflecting the concept of animal welfare and on-going climate changes.
Improving Animal Productivity
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