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02. Research on Production Safety and Value Addition in Ginseng
  • Research on Production Safety and Value-addition in Ginseng and Herbal Crops
  • The increasing local and international production output along with the growing health interest and the recent and trade competition have greatly impact the ginseng and medicinal crops industry in Korea.
  • This situation leads to this agenda, which aimed at upgrading the production and distribution system of ginseng, medicinal crop and mushrooms, and discovery functional materials from these crops in order to increase exports of new food products based on functional materials.

  • The research project under this agenda involves
  • 1) development of new variety and safety farm production in ginseng,
    2) development of novel medicinal herbs from natural resources and environment friendly products,
    3) development of new variety and high-quality technology for cultivation in mushroom, and
    4) development of new functional product and industrialization from medicinal herb.
  • Research on ginseng hopes to promote safety in farm production, develop high-yielding and stress-tolerant variety, establish seed production technology for expansion of supply of new varieties, and develop methods to prevent root rot disease and physiological disorder.
  • For medicinal crops research activities are geared toward development of novel medicinal herbs from natural resources and environment-friendly products, improvements in crop breeds and breeding technologies, collection, evaluation, preservation, and proliferation of plant resources, cultivation methods and disaster mitigation. The research activities also intends to develop safe, environment-friendly production technologies, and post-harvest and product marketability management.
  • Research on enhancing the competitiveness of mushroom industry in the international market will be done. This includes reducing royalty burden to farmers, increasing the value-added of mushroom industry for expanded consumption, and providing farmers with the necessary mushroom farming technology. Herbal crop utilization research field aims to develop functional materials and safety assessment, evaluate functional product and quality control, and develop technologies linked industrialization of functional materials and merchantable quality.
  • Research on Production Safety and Value-addition in Ginseng and Herbal Crops
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