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Greater Change

Greater Change

Through constant technological developments, agriculture has been quickly changing and growing. By applying high technology to agriculture and developing new products for the future, we upgrade the agricultural sector into the sixth industry, leading to creating more jobs. RDA leads the convergence of high technologies with agriculture!

New growth and The sixth industry

Greater Change for the Future of Rural Areas

RDA promotes convergence and application of high-tech, develops bio-materials and upgrades agriculture into the sixth industry to usher a brighter future of Korean agriculture.

RDA creates new growth engine.
RDA develops automation/robot farming technology and original biotechnology,
and promotes commercialization of these technologies.
RDA develops new bio-fusion materials for food and medicine.
The Administration discovers new food and medicinal materials originated from insects
and functional crops, and develops transgenic animals such as mini pig for producing
human organs.
RDA applies high technologies to agriculture to modernize
facility and save energy.
RDA applies high technologies to agriculture to modernize facility and save energy.
RDA induces the sixth industrialization of agri-food business.
RDA supports the services of city and county agricultural research and extension centers to process agricultural products and start up new business. The Administration also provides a comprehensive support system to support rural tourism, farm visit and business start-ups for tapping the sixth industry dimension of agriculture.
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