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07. Collection, Preservation, and Utilization of Germplasm
  • The diversity of plants and animals offers opportunities not only through breeding but also by delivering many other benefits. Some are direct, such as the better nutrition and greater sustainability that come with locally adapted crops. Others are indirect, like the ecosystem services delivered by healthy populations of pollinators, biological control agents, and soil microbes. Our target in this agenda is to ensure the conservation and availability of agricultural diversity for food security as well as income generation.
  • The National Agrobiodiversity Center responses to support a range of activities, which will ensure these collections are better understood, more useful, more easily available, more safely conserved.
  • The collection and conservation of agricultural diversity are the basic components which manage the raw material for improving and adapting at the agricultural sector to meet all future challenges. In this agenda, collecting agricultural genetic resources focuses on broadening horticultural genetic resources to support income generation and food crop genetic resources for food security on their diversity from domestic and abroad. Also, the conservation activity focuses on protocol development for long term preservation at the liquid nitrogen to the vegetative clone such as apple, pear etc. using their dormant bud, and short lived seed germplasm such as perilla, lettuce etc.. Also, safety duplication service to the important germplasm from foreign countries and Institutes is identified for the sustainable use of foreign genetic resources at the depositing party.
  • Plant genetic resources are the fundamental materials for breeding, studying biotechnology and agricultural education etc,. Multiplication, characterization and evaluation of PGRs needed for enhancement of use. Based on this fact, our activities focuses on regeneration, multiplication, characterization and evaluation of PGRs, as well as, development of massive evaluation technology using up to date instruments and DNA techniques. And all the data produced during multiplication, characterization and evaluation are provided to PGRs user through the Genebank Management System (GMS) of National Agrobiodiversity Center.
  • The genebank management system, which includes DB on passport, characterization, and distribution, was upgraded and web sites related genetic resources were integrated under the domain of http://www.genebank.go.kr to promote use of agricultural genetic resources.
  • Collection, Preservation, and Utilization of Germplasm