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02. Improving Animal Productivity
  • Agenda 16 aims at improving animal productivity to cope with environmental changes.

To this end, seven programs are conducted as follows:
Program 53
Improvement of the national animal improvement system and development of animal improvement technology in Hanwoo cattle, dairy cow, swine and poultry;
Program 54
Hanwoo feeding technology for high-quality beef production at lower cost;
Program 55
development of breeding, rearing, and disease management techniques to increase productivity of dairy cow;
Program 56
development of increasing swine productivity (MSY) and safe pork production technology;
Program 57
developing technology for exporting, novel poultry species, and productivity improving techniques;
Program 58
promoting domestic riding horse, developing technique for selection, and industrialization of outstanding breeding stocks using traditional domestic animals;
Program 59
improvement of productivity of grassland and forage plant per unit area, diversification of forage species, and quality improvement technique.
Improving Animal Productivity
  • Moreover, Agenda 16 will contribute to increasing farm productivity by supplying outstanding domestic breeding stocks to farm and supply high-quality-low-cost livestock products to consumers. A new model of sustainable livestock industry is expected by the collaboration with tourism and leisure industry.
Improving Animal Productivity