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02. Collaborative Research on Climate Change Adaptation Technique
Greenhouse gas reduction techniques for low-carbon agriculture
- Development of national greenhouse gas reduction technique in the agricultural sector
- Development of carbon storage and sink for emission trading response
- Development of fossil fuels saving technique and renewable energy
- Designing of climate change management approaches and scenario building for greenhouse gas emission in the agricultural sector
Prediction tools for proactive crop productivity monitoring
- Variation assessment and development of agricultural productivity analysis model according to new scenario (food crops, horticultural crops, pests, and agricultural infrastructure)
- Vulnerability assessment for biodiversity by climate change (insect pollinators, birds)
- Integrated construction for agricultural production model and economy model
- Expansion of research infrastructure with adjustable factor control of climate change and meteorological disasters
New cultural methods for climate change adaptation
- Development of cultivation techniques and reset of regional cropping system and crop arrangement
- Development of new variety with high resistance to extreme temperature (drought), high CO2, pests, and etc.
- Development of integrated control system on influx of subtropical-pests and new problem in relation to unexpected pests
- Development of polices on varietal diversity promotion
- Assessment of and distribution for tropical/sub-tropical variety
Early-warning system to prevent loss and damages due to erratic weather conditions
- Development of an early-warning system
- Development of assessment model for damage occurrence, criterion, and mitigation
- Distribution and reset of greenhouse and cattle shed as a stress-tolerant structural system