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Basic Agricultural Science and Technology
  • Basic agricultural science and technology consists of seven agenda, which deal with concerns in the agricultural environment, agrobiology, agricultural products safety, agricultural engineering, agricultural bio-resources, agro-food resources, and agricultural genetic resources.

    Agenda 1 deals with the conservation of a climate-resilient agricultural and rural environment. It aims to provide farmland soil management information, help rural communities to cope with climate change and take action against natural disasters, develop organic farming technology, and support rural community through value addition in agricultural products and resources.
    Agenda 2 deals with the creation a blue ocean in the agricultural industry. It aims to develop applied technologies for sericultural and apicultural industries, utilize beneficial insects and agricultural microorganisms in actual farming.
    Agenda 3 is designed to protect agricultural products from hazardous chemicals, plant diseases, insect pests and weeds, select good and safe agro-materials, prevent hazardous microbial contamination of agricultural produce, and support the GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) system.
    Agenda 4 aims to automate farming practices, develop useful technology for renewable energy, build fully-automated machinery, advance the factory system for agricultural products, and infuse BT, IT, and NT in the sector.
    Agenda 5 fundamentally supports the development of Korean agro-biotechnology. This agenda pushes genomics research on crops and microorganisms, discovery and development of functional genes and materials, development of molecular breeding resources using agricultural biotechnology, and assessment of environmental risk and food safety of genetically modified plants.
    Agenda 6 supports the agro-food industry by developing fundamental and commerciable technology for the greater utilization of agro-food resources.
    Agenda 7 is designed to secure and utilize agricultural genetic resources to support the high-value biological industry.