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03. Securing Safety of Agricultural Products
  • Securing Safety of Agricultural Products
  • Agenda 3 aims at developing techniques for producing agricultural products that are safe for consumers. It promotes technical support to produce safe agricultural products through research geared toward Developing the foundation for managing and producing safe agricultural products that are acceptable to G7 developed countries. The goals are:
    (1) establishment of science-based risk assessment system for agricultural products;
    (2) domestic consumption and export expansion by means of securing safety of agricultural products from farm to table;
    (3) development and distribution of practice and crop-specific good agricultural practices (GAP) system or model; and
    (4) development of management techniques for plant diseases, insect pests, and weeds to produce clean and healthy crops.
  • The National Academy of Agricultural Science (Department of Agro-food Safety and Crop Protection) will lead in implementing this agenda for developing and expanding scientific researches. Participating institutes include the National Institute of Crop Science, National Institute of Horticultural & Herbal Science, the provincial departments of plant protection, and various universities. The figure below shows the cooperation strategy and research needed for this agenda to succeed.