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Development of Steady Supply of Food and Value-added Technology
  • This field aims to enhance the competitiveness of agriculture and invigorate the rural economy. Hence, research activities are geared toward addressing the needs and demands of technology users as embodied in the four agenda.
  • In general, this field aims to stabilize food production through the use of rice paddy and improve self-sufficiency of upland crop breeding using superior planting resources. It also aims to lower production cost, increase farmland efficiency, and improve the self-sufficiency of crops by establishing overseas agricultural networks for stable crop imports. It is directed to increasing the competitiveness of our agro-livestock products by developing safe, high-quality products and globally competitive; new breeding varieties of horticultural and medicinal crops; environment-friendly agricultural technologies for the production of safe agricultural products; and, technologies for a wider forage utilization and production.
  • Technologies on nutrient management to reduce fertilizer use; biopesticides; animal waste treatment; and, environment-friendly and organic agricultural methods toward achieving sustainable growth in agriculture will be developed. Energy-saving and renewable bio-energy to further reinvigorate the economy will be also promoted. Enhancing functionality and value adding in crops is also part of the identification and development of functional materials and nutraceuticals.
  • An increase in technology utilization and along with environment-friendly crop production in places that are currently unsuitable, particularly the reclaimed saline lands will be one of the key outcomes of this field. In addition, development of cutting-edge supply of practical on-farm technologies will help satisfy both the consumers and producers.