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2019.02 Founded Rural Human Resource Development Center(RHRDC)
2015.04 National Institute of Crop Science, National Institute of Horticultural and Herbal Science, National Institute of Animal Science Moved Jeonbuk Innovation City
2014.07 Rural Development Administration, National Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Moved Jeonbuk Innovation City
2009.09 Established the Foundation of Agri, Tech, Commercialization & Transfer
2008.10 Reorganized its 9 institutes into 5 institutes and 1 college:
the National Academy of Agricultural Science (NAAS), the National Institute of Crop Science(NICS),
the National Institute of Horticultural & Herbal Science (NIHHS), the National Institute of
Animal Science (NIAS) and the Korea National College of Agriculture and Fisheries (KNCAF)
2007.06 Founded Ginseng and Medical Plants Research Institute at NICS
2002.03 Founded the National Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology
1997.01 Transferred the local researchers and extension specialists to provincial, city and country agricultural research and extension centers
1996.02 Founded the Korea National Agricultural College
1994.12 Founded the National Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology by integrating Agricultural
Technology Research Institute, Agricultural Genetic Engineering Research Institute, Agricultural
Pesticides Research Institute and Agricultural Material Management Division under the Ministry of
Agriculture and Forestry
1962.04 Established RDA