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Greater Enjoyment

Greater Enjoyment

Rural area is the life warehouse that should be protected and well kept.
Through RDA’s information service on the rural community, it is reborn as a place where all people can visit,
enjoy and find happiness.
RDA leads the efforts to make healthy rural areas where anyone can come and enjoy!

Welfare for Farmers

Greater Enjoyment from Energetic Farm Villages

RDA is at the frontier in nurturing young farmers and utilizing natural resources in rural areas to find new income sources.
RDA carries out various programs to resolve the difficulties in the farm field and restore the true face of rural area.

RDA actively supports the improvement of rural life.
RDA distributes disaster prevention and safety management technologies, and also supports welfare policies for the aged population, multicultural families, and women.
RDA actively looks for the way to develop and utilize traditional resources from farm villages.
RDA develops tourism contents based on local food, traditional customs and rural resources to increase the income of rural residents.
RDA works to resolve the difficulties faced by farmer beginners who return to rural area and newly start farming.
RDA sends its experts to the farms to give solutions on the farming issues and also operates a help center for farmer beginners.
RDA vitalizes rural tourism.
RDA supports the education programs to incorporate farm visit with school curriculum, organizes farm experience villages and provides tangible and intangible resource information in rural areas.
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