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Greater Extension

Greater Extension

RDA diversifies its services and tools for farmers depending on the types and technology level of farms and farming time. RDA provides farmers with agricultural technology for easy access from anywhere.

Extension and Dissemination of Technologies

Greater Enjoyment from Energetic Farm Villages

RDA works to build capacity of extension officials and lead farmers, provides customized extension services and also disseminates technologies for saving cost and producing high-quality products.

RDA utilizes various tools and methods to disseminate
RDA utilizes various methods such as training, demonstration, consultation, brochures,
leaflets, etc.
RDA strengthens the capacity of agricultural specialists and
farm management skill.
RDA strives to train experts of different career and technical levels in the fields, and
provides the tailored agricultural technology education and management consultation.
RDA applies the latest IT to agriculture.
RDA uses Internet, SNS, smart phones and the latest IT to upgrade its service and
RDA works together with city and county agriculture research and
extension centers to efficiently disseminate new seeds and
RDA expands its technology and service by collecting, processing and spreading
more information and technology, and upgrades its consultation system such as
management diagnosis and prescription.
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