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Greater Improvement

Greater Improvement

RDA gears up its research on soil management, pest & diseases and eco-friendly farming for supplying safe food.
RDA leads the efforts of making the rural community livable for all!

Environmentally Friendly Agriculture

Greater Improvement in the Health of Farm Villages

The researchers at RDA ensure the food safety from farm to table
by upgrading the safety standard to the world-class level for cereals, vegetables, fruits and animal products

RDA develops production technology for environment-friendly agriculture
RDA builds an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) by developing eco-friendly agents and farming materials based on
effective microorganisms.
RDA promotes sustainable and environment-friendly livestock industry
RDA develops forage crops and technologies to cultivate pasture, recycle livestock manure and minimize bad odor from livestock farms.
RDA strengthens the safety control of agricultural products.
RDA develops environment-friendly pesticide and fertilizer based on microorganisms and improves the farm soil and
water management.
RDA thoroughly prepares for climate change and natural disasters.
RDA actively responds to climate change by developing varieties tolerant to disaster, early prevention technology
for disaster, pest control, and meteorological information system.
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