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Greater Increase

Greater Increase

RDA enhances the value of agriculture by :

  • Breeding new and good varieties competitive in the global market,
  • Developing technology to ensure food security
  • Promoting technology to produce export-oriented products, and
  • Commercializing technology to serve the real needs of farms and markets.
    RDA leads the efforts to make our agriculture and farms strong!
Agricultural Competitiveness

Greater Increase of Agri-food Competitiveness

RDA helps the agricultural sector create more value through the efforts to:

  • Support the seed industry by securing genetic resources and breeding new varieties,
  • Improve the diets of the people by developing high-quality and functional foods,
  • Actively promote agriculture exports by developing new fruit and vegetable varieties including peppers,
    strawberries, and chrysanthemum, and
  • Conduct R&D to meet the real needs of farmers.
RDA actively supports the promotion of the seed industry.
Korea is becoming a global powerhouse of seed industry by efficiently managing genetic resources and breeding
new varieties.
RDA develops technology to improve food self-sufficiency.
For increasing food production, the Administration develops new rice varieties and processing technologies
adaptable to climate change, and improve the quality and farm-mechanization of cereal crops.
RDA supports agricultural exports by increasing the agricultural competitiveness.
The scientists of RDA creatively apply cutting-edged technologies to agriculture to stably produce high-quality
products and to enhance the farm competitiveness.
RDA consolidates its research and extension service to satisfy the real needs of farmers.
The Administration actively identifies and addresses the issues and problems faced by farmers by surveying their
technological demands and developing real-world solution.
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